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The unknown sunset over the Mediterranean sea


The unknown

When the unknown finds its way into life, it often causes bright sparkles to flash their light. As a result, it quickly outshines everything that was before. This attraction causes full attention and, consequently, puts the observer under its spell. So, it becomes hard not to see the unknown through rose-tinted glasses because the grass on the other side seems always greener.

The new promises variety and sells the twisted assumption that it has to be better than what is familiar. Over time, it pushes itself into the front and makes everything else look pretty small. Yet, the facade begins to crumble at one point.

Small cracks become large fractures and show more and more that not everything that glitters is gold. At the end of this circle, the former unknown becomes the new known until something else tries to push itself into life.

I took this photo in Mid-September 2021. You can see a beautiful sunset over the Mediterranean sea next to Tel Aviv.



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