The weaker self

There lives a nasty little monster on our backs. It is sneaky, artful and convincing. It is so sophisticated that it makes us believe we could not realize what we are longing for. It is a master in finding reasons complexly, plausible causal chains and whatever argument which can convince us that everything will be the best might it stay as it is.

Obviously, we somehow enjoy its company since it gives us safety and support. Therefore we care about our little friend and feed the rascal its favorite snack fear. We make ourselves helpless, dependent and are squirming in whatever lie the monster just told us.

We shut up.

We cannot exonerate ourselves and continue to draw in our horns. The doors stay closed because our weaker self’s scare tactics are too successful. The monster frightens us so much that we don’t even dare to simply catch sight of what appears to be so mysterious. In this vicious circle, we make ourselves slaves of fear and forget that we are the only ones who can decide to leave our nasty little friend.



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