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Thinking outside the box (The Hague City Hall)

Thinking outside the box (The Hague City Hall) Stefanie Pietschmann - symmetry - architecture the Hague city hall - Netherlands -

Thinking outside the box

When coming up with new ideas, you often expect enthusiasm from others. Yet, when thinking outside the box, your surroundings only occasionally live up to this expectation. Proposals are often met with reservations. However, if everything appears impossible to work out, the initial enthusiasm can quickly turn into self-doubt when trusting the opinion of others too much. And before you’ve even tried your luck, you’ve already given up.

But just because others think something is unimaginable doesn’t mean it’s the case. That’s why you must gather all your courage and do things despite all negative warnings because you can only understand whether the impossible is impossible if you set it all in.



The Hague City Hall

I took this photo in September 2022. You can see the atrium of the Hague’s city hall. The building’s design is from a concept by the American architect Richard Meier that dates back to 1986. The end of construction was nine years later, in 1995. The building is in the city center, close to its central station. Several public services are in this building that the inhabitants like to call “the Ice Palace” because of its white color. This building has several cafés, exhibition spaces, the council chamber, the main public library, and a wedding room. The Hague city hall has a huge atrium which you can see in this photo.




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