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Time off – Christmas in Amsterdam

Time off - Christmas in Amsterdam Stefanie Pietschmann - Christams in Amsterdam - Santa Clause - Sinta Klaas - architecture - december

Taking time off

Nothing stops you from doing many things at all times except for yourself. A particularly suitable example of this is doing nothing and taking time off. In theory, this is something you could do at any time, even if it only was for a few minutes. Yet, taking a moment off the daily grind is often challenging because there are still so many things you need or want to do.

But fortunately, at times, you are not asked whether you want to take some time off. When the holidays come, the choice often is beyond your control. As you can’t escape sinking into the art of doing anything – you finally allow yourself to rest.

Christmas in the Dutch capital

Summer might be the most fantastic time in the year to travel to Amsterdam if you wish to enjoy the many outdoor activities and the beauty of the green trees and flowers of the city. However, winter is also a fantastic time to visit the Dutch capital. Besides Christmas markets and ice skating possibilities, the city is festively decorated with lights. Also, the Amsterdam light festival is usually in December and January because of the long dark hours. So, a great time is sure when at Christmas in Amsterdam.



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