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Trapped in a dark hole (architecture in Givatayim)

Trapped in dark hole -Stefanie Pietschmann - photography- Architecture - Givatayim - Israel - Birds

Trapped in a dark hole

Sometimes life rips your feet off, causing you to feel trapped in a dark hole. Suddenly, everything is upside down, and you are busy finding out how you got there — a desperate search for an explanation that usually unwinds while you are trying to leave this place.

Yet when staring for too long at the unthinkable, the critical distance gets lost in emotion. It makes it hard to find the energy needed for a moment of distraction from what’s on your mind. However, in most cases, it is worth the effort because only when you look away can you see that the way out is already in sight.

I took this photo in March 2022 in Givatayim. You can see the architecture of a high rise building through the opening of a roof that belongs to a small shopping area. 



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