Trapped inside

The eyes are still struggling to process the incoming morning light that makes its way through the wholes in the heavy curtain covering the old windows. But after hours of sleep, the body is still feeling exhausted. And so it motionlessly stays under the comfortable sheets.

However, the brain is already pretty much awake, and thoughts are running at full speed. They deal with the gray veil covering the once so colorful presence that brought worries, concerns, and a lack of prospects. As there is no change in sight, the feeling of being trapped caused the motivation to get lost on the way.

Lately, every day is like the previous one and the one before or the one before that. This makes it feel like a mash of infinite repetition within the own four walls. It became challenging to fight against this boring endless loop’s monotony when feeling trapped.

Yet, there will be brighter times to come, even if it doesn’t look like this at the moment. And so, the stiff body slowly begins to straighten up under the warm blanket also on this morning. As the feet slowly touch the cold floor, it becomes clear that there is still a glimpse of hope that the apparent situation might soon pass for the better.



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