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Trusting to chance ​(in Amsterdam Noord)

Trusting to chance ​(in Amsterdam Noord) Stefanie Pietschmann - - Amsterdam Noord - Netherlands - November - canal

Trusting to chance

We are all somehow busy planning something. While having a good plan is elementary for some, a rough idea of what is about to happen is sufficient for others. Planning provides guidance since, instead of trusting to chance, it promises a guarantee of something to happen in the unpredictable system called life.

But as good as it may be to know the general conditions, so fatal is it to only rely on it: Because, in the end, things always turn out differently than planned. Though the planning may appear attractive, freeing yourself from assuming everything will happen the intended way is the only possibility to not getting off track.

And though I had planned differently, luck meant well to me this day! Since I decided in favor of trusting to chance when I took the wrong turn, I discovered this beautiful place.

Amsterdam Noord

I took this photo in the summer of 2021. You can see a canal in the northern part of Amsterdam. This quarter of the city is usually less crowded with tourists, and you can only reach it via ferries or bridges. However, I stumbled over this beautiful corner while cycling in the north of Amsterdam and took the wrong direction.



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