Two brutal brothers in Tel Aviv

Beit Jabotinsky in Tel Aviv Once upon a time, there was a little building standing in a street. The building was neither fancy nor did it gain utmost attention because of its look.

It had three floors, was built in a quite simple way and had a backyard in which the building’s future would be decided soon. Back then, the street which is known today as “King George” was called “Carmel Street” and had become part of the newly founded city of Tel Aviv.

In the 1930ies there was a place in Tel Aviv which was called “Metzudat Ze’ev” and was used as a meeting point for several political groups: the Revisionist movement, the youth movement Betar and the resistance fighters of the Irgun. In the year 1936, these movements decided that the small building should be replaced by something that would become one of the biggest towers of the city.

The durable construction of the new facility was finished in the 1960ies – around 30 years after it was planned in the backyard. From now on, it was also called “Beit Jabotinsky”. In the following years, it was still used by political parties and institutions, as it is still like this today.

During its 30 years of construction, the brutalist monster worked its way through to the sky until it finally reached 16 floors. It is characterizing its surrounding. Now, a big box of concrete became the host of the ground floors – almost like a sarcophagus which was simply put over on what had stood there before. But the big brutal box did not stay alone for a long time. After a while, it received a much taller brother than it was itself. He was enormous and massive. He braved everything and pridefully shew its architectural power by its vicious shapes and dark shadows.

Until today, the two are firmly standing on the same spot, resist everything that crosses their way and proudly show unquestioned what was thought to be “hip” back in the 1930ies.




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