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The uniqueness of moments during sunset in Amsterdam

Stefanie Pietschmann - magic sunset - Amsterdam- Netherlands - harbour - uniqueness

The uniqueness of moments

Some moments are so extraordinary that it does not take too long to realize their uniqueness. Yet, the more unique this particular moment, the stronger I want to hold on to it. I fear its quick loss because I see its beauty constantly endangered by transience.

I already know I will miss it and therefore, my mind revolves around making it infinite. And so, I make a big effort not to let it go. But while I am busy trying to control the uncontrollable, I almost forget to appreciate its uniqueness.

And then, I realize that I cannot know for how long I can fully enjoy what I find so remarkable. And since I already know that I will soon miss it, I decide to accept the uncontrollable’s route. With this freedom, I can completely absorb the essence of this moment and imprint it on my memory for eternity.

This photo shows a sunset in Amsterdam. You can see the skyline of the city behind the Oranjesluizen. I took this photo from the Schellingwouderbrug in early October 2021. Sunsets in Amsterdam are often really pretty but sometimes, they stand out!



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