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Unpleasant situations​ and a Cactus

Unpleasant situations​ and a Cactus - Stefanie Pietschmann - indoor plants - Cactus -

Unpleasant situations​

Some unpleasant situations do not initially seem like that. Yet, their results slowly but steadily bore their way into your perception over time. The more they make themselves comfortable, the less you realize how much they affect you – eventually, one gets used to everything.

The problem with becoming jaded is that you no longer realize how strong an effect really is. However, leaving your comfort zone is the only real useful option if you don’t want to put up with something that you dislike. If you only dare to step a foot on the offensive side, perception can quickly change.

The beauty of a cactus

I took this photo in early 2022. You can see a shelf with cactus plants in the outside yard of a plant shop in Tel Aviv. I really liked the picture of all of these plants formed together. Besides, cacti are really smart compared to other plants, can become pretty old, and often surprise with extremely beautiful and colorful flowers. But of course, touching them without attention can cause unpleasant situations​. 😉



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