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Upholding traditions at the Zaanse Schaans windmills

The miracle of persistence (Summer in Zaanse Schans) Stefanie Pietschmann - Zaanse Schans windmill in summer - netherlands - holland 3 - Upholding traditions at the Zaanse Schaans windmills

Upholding traditions

Traditions form when people repeat things long enough and attach them to specific events. They are often thought out to the smallest detail and are passed on from generation to generation. Traditions connect, create bridges and shape culture.

However, everything is built on the same unchanged old story and, therefore, things frequently seem resistant to change. Yet, sometimes things turn out differently than initially thought, and with such fresh perspectives, it’s appropriate to question upholding traditions from time to time.

I took this photo in summer 2020 in Zaanse Schans , north of Amsterdam (The Netherlands). You can see the iconic windmills of the town. It is one of the main tourist attractions in the Netherlands and besides the windmills, you can see a village with classical Dutch houses. 



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