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When existence starts, life provides us all with an empty bag – just waiting to be filled. We value it with a great sense of duty when we carry it around because unconsciously, we understand the importance of its content. And so, over time, it begins to define who we are and who everyone thinks to be.

While we are creating the plot of this customized story, we already assess its value.

We treat it with the utmost caution as we are aware of the risk we take when revealing its content. But living frequently means that one day the concealing is doomed to failure. And eventually, a reflection of this fragile inside – what forms us, you and me – sees the light of day.

Often, it is this exposure that we fear the most. We tend to uglify the experiences that made us who we are. But in the course of a lifetime, no one is safe from getting scratched. Yet we feel ashamed for parts of our identity.

And though it is our unique narrative, we like to sell it at less than fair value.

In the end, the extraordinary beauty of life consistently lies in the unexpected. Hence, it might be that the value of our imperfection caused us to find common ground in the first place.



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