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Walking in new shoes

When entering the circle of life, the new often feels pretty uncomfortable. Initially, it slowly rubs sore spots on an actually neat surface as its unique form often comes as a surprise causing minor injuries. Walking in new shoes is not an easy thing to do.

While gradually getting used to what appeared to feel so unpleasant at first, progress, and setbacks alternate. Over time, one gains confidence when training in new shoes. So, it becomes more and more comfortable with how it feels.

For many, change is a complicated process because it always questions what has been before. Though this can turn everything upside down, it does not necessarily mean that the outcome is unwanted. However, sometimes it just doesn’t fit, and a new solution has to be found.

As time goes by, the ones that make it start to feel like a second skin. Soon after, the memory can barely remember how much trouble they made at first. One begins to like this change, enjoy it, and not want to miss it anymore.

When the time is up, everything starts all over again because walking in too old shoes can sometimes be more miserable than getting used to new ones.



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