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A way to go (spring in Amsterdam)

A way to go - Amstel Park - Amsterdam - Stefanie Pietschmann - Netherlands - bikes - nature

A way to go

Though all humans have many things in common, we still differ in multiple aspects. Nevertheless, the same demands are frequently made on different people. At times, the consequences are unfulfilled expectations that in many cases equate to a failure.

Although not everyone wants to be like the other, we regularly also measure the others the same way they do with us. But if you are honest to yourself, it is legit if it takes you just a little longer to go one way, if, in the end, you will get there anyway.

You can see Narcissuses, cyclists and pedestrians in  Amsterdam’s Amstelpark in this photo.  I took this photo in spring 2021 on the first really hot day of the season. People were all over the city because the long winter had made them long for sun and being outside. 



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