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Wheel of time at the Vatican

Stefanie Pietschmann - Basilica di San Pietro - Michelangelo - Italy - Rome - vatikan - Church - tower - Wheel of time - Vatican storytelling photography

The wheel of time

The small tower stands proud but slightly hidden on the roof in the midday sun of this hot summer day. It seems as if the wheel of time could not harm its appearance, although the influence of the environment poses a daily threat.

However, many invisible changes have crept in during the time of its long existence. While other contemporaries still enjoy full attention, this small tower turned empty and unused – a bit lost. Though it cannot compete with the popularity of the others, it still charmingly convinces with its timeless beauty.

This picture shows one of the 2 smaller towers on the roof of St. Peters Basilica in Vatican City.  You can see them from this perspective if you climb up your way to the top of the dome. I have visited this basilica in July 2021 while I was staying in Rome, Italy.  



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