White noise

The last 200 years saw a fast and huge amount of developments which laid the foundation for the design of our modern life. Today, we can do many things which were thought to be “impossible” or not thought about at all.

But as beneficial many aspects are for our lives, there are always two sides of the same coin. The speed which is created by us humans is aggressive! It pulls, pushes and throws its participant from one extreme to the other. We are supposed to achieve the unachievable in a minimal amount of time. We should reinvent ourselves whenever it is demanded, function and fulfill the blown-up ideals which we are sold consistently everywhere and at any time.

While trying to satisfy the requirements of what is supposed to make us happy, many fall by the wayside.  The ambient noises, pulling, pushing, demanding and perfectionism start to disturb the ideal model as one cannot stand the high demands anymore – a malfunction, a breakdown, a white noise. A vacuum of a still life of emptiness, nothingness, and abundance.






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