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A winter day at Amsterdams Prinsengracht

A winter day in Amsterdam - Canal - gracht - Stefanie Pietschmann - - bikes

A winter day

The first rays of the sun have finally made their way through the thickets of grey and never-ending clouds. Though it is still freezing, the light lures me outside – like many others. Soon, the cold air rushes into my lungs while the sun kisses my face and slowly warms it up.

On this day, all signs already point to spring. Everyone finds their place somewhere, somehow. After the burden of this winter, there seems to be a significant need for change. And hence, the warm colors in which the sun bathes life also color the day’s mood.


I took this photo in early February 2022. You can see the iconic Dutch bikes on a bridge of Prinsengracht in Amsterdam. This canal is in the city centre and next to it, you can find the iconic Dutch houses that the city is famous for. 



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