Stefanie Pietschmann flower bouquet- Wishful thinking and a flower bouquet - Wishful thinking - documentary photography - interior

Wishful thinking

As if it was yesterday, I remember how I told you goodbye. At this moment, I thought that this farewell would last a short time. And so we quickly hugged, turned around, and went away.

Yet, things rarely turn out the way you expect them, and a long time has passed already. Though we can still communicate, your incredible charisma has a tough time meeting real-life needs because it is simply not the same.

While I sit here, I am staring with empty eyes at the vacant chair across from me. My thoughts are drifting away. I imagine how the doorbell would ring surprisingly and how I would open the door behind which you stand.

Though that is wishful thinking, and it is hard to endure the longing, I remind myself that this fantasy will soon come true.

I took this photo in early summer 2021. You can see a Dianthus flower bouquet on a dining table with the rays of sunset lightening parts of it up. 



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