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World of anonymity (De Pijp in Amsterdam)

Stefanie Pietschmann - - depijp - Amsterdam - reflections

World of anonymity

Big cities are famous for what they have to offer to their inhabitants. They can make things possible that one could only dream of in other places. Also, they allow you to be whoever you want. However, it is rumored that this incredible expanse of endless possibilities also forms a world of anonymity.

If you allow yourself to discover such an urban place, you will quickly realize that these rumors are not entirely accurate. Because the many connections that bring life out of anonymity become only noticeable when looking closely, the city reflects its inhabitants only from the perspective you choose to look at them.



De Pijp in Amsterdam

I took this photo in June 2022. It shows a mirror at an intersection of Ceinturrbaan and Van Woustraat in De Pijp, a quarter close to the center of Amsterdam. While you can see classical buildings for the time of the erection of this neighborhood on the left side and in the mirror, you can also get a glimpse of modern architecture in Amsterdam in the right button corner.



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