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World of opportunities

We rely on routines to accomplish many aspects of life. Though we work hard to achieve this goal, once we have made it, monotony tempts with carelessness. Getting used always comes with the danger of standstill: A situation that frequently prevents us from taking opportunities.

As humans, we are what we convince ourselves to be, and we make a significant effort to maintain this identity. But holding on to a rigid framework carries the risk of suffocation. Too often, we are already running in the free fall, but still, we resign ourselves to the massive contribution fear creates to this situation.

Permanently, we hold ourselves back because it seems that the presumed safety is the more significant opportunity. But there are no better times to come one day: The vitality of life is that nothing is certain except the end.

The crucial moment is always now. And though it might be painful and terrifying to invest in opportunities, it will hurt even more if we decide to stay where we are, because then, we will never be away.



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