Yoga with Shimi

Shimi, Yoga, and photography

Around nine months ago, I met Shimi for the first time in one of her “Yoga with Shimi” classes. As luck would have it, she was looking for a photographer to take pictures of her doing and teaching yoga. She checked my portfolio and liked what she could see. Accordingly, she booked me for my documentary photography.

The shooting

We sat together and thought about good possibilities to represent her work as a yoga teacher in Utrecht. And so we decided to split our shooting into two sessions. We met in a forest in a suburb of Utrecht on a sunny day for the first photography shooting during summer. It was a very nice shooting that lasted around 2,5 hours. The place really offered us many possibilities and luckily, the weather also had mercy on us.

For the second shooting, we met in the Yoga Studio Dananda in Utrecht, where Shimi is teaching for around a year now several classes a week. Therefore, we shoot pictures of her during her work. Accordingly, we wanted to represent what she is doing during yoga classes and meditation. Thus, we also asked some of her yoga students to join the photography session. It really was a pleasure working together.


Enjoy the results 🙂





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