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Getting to know each other at Zaanse Schans​ windmills

Getting to know each other at Zaanse Schans

When getting closer to new things, you agree on a date with a stranger. However, the thing is that assessing the unknown is pretty challenging, and this is what makes it very exciting for some.

Yet, for others, this excitement may also turn into the opposite. In such cases, worry soon finds its way into the growing expectations. Then, fear begins to make the unknown bigger and you smaller than you actually are.

If you don’t want to get captured in this irrational, vicious circle, you have to face the fear. But for achieving that, you need to be on par with the stranger on this date. Only then is seeing the other side’s vulnerabilities possible – the basis for starting the exciting part of getting to know each other.

I took this photo in summer 2020 in Zaanse Schans (The Netherlands). You can see the iconic windmills of the town. 



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