The beauty of age

As much as we dislike the process of aging with ourselves, we surprisingly adore this process with other things.

Decision Making

Life is full of decisions - those which you make and others which are made for or about you.

Long absent, soon forgotten.

Who doesn't like the "to-go"? It is comfortable and affordable with our all friend and helper - the paper cup.

Visiting the past

When you are a kid you would simply like to do the things which the grown-ups do - until the appearance of the disillusionment

Portfolio Photo – Moshik

Portfolio image for Moshik the 3D Modeler

Reclaim the streets

From a little age we learn to fear the battlefield called "street" - but there is nothing more tempting than tasting the forbi

A private dancer

As the party should never end, some tend to look for another place to digest what they just experienced in the last hours.


The antithesis to the happy and shiny architectural ideas tears apart, stands brave, strong and proud.


The invention of the telephone and its evolutions are a blessing for most of the humans - everyone can communicate with everyb


Welcome to our world of "long absent, soon forgotten."

Sequestered life

A time-out in loneliness, vastness, and silence might be the answer to find inner peace, but sometimes these beauties hide a b

Landmarks of steel

Wherever we are, we leave traces behind us and the cities we live in are always a contemporary witness of ourselves.

See you soon

"Everything has one end only the sausage has two" - a wisdom stated by one very well known German songs. And so there it is -

When abandonment meets demolition

When there is a beginning, there will be for sure also an end! As the pride of creation, it is also us who decide fo

Two brutal brothers in Tel Aviv

Once upon a time, there was a little building standing in a street. It was neither fancy nor did it gain utmost atte

The urge for a tomato which isn’t yours

The forbidden fruit is the sweetest. Only three months ago, I could convince myself for the first time that this the

The beauty of little things

In recent times, we are buying new things faster and are kindly encouraged to speed up with our shopping. By values,

Travelling back in time

In former times, it was very complicated, expensive or impossible to perform non-verbal communication. The invention