Someone stole my art …

Most of the people will fight for what they love. They do not want to lose it, they enjoy it and they invest much work, time and passion in what or whom they love and so do I. But this passion can quickly turn into anger if you figure out, that someone else has stolen your art.

Photo by Ido Biran

Leftovers in Tel Aviv

Order and care have a special meaning to many of us. Together they form a wonderful composition which many of us highly appreciate. Anyways, this ensemble helps us to organise things, life and guidelines and causes us to take care for our loved ones.

Intoxicated – The life of a plant

Humans like to design, to shape and to adjust things according to their ideas, needs and imagination. But also we have the power to change a place from being sterile to a friendly and welcoming spot. We bring them – the humans – fresh oxygen and produce their food while looking amazing. Honestly, I think we are quite sexy!


Kit und Klampfe CD

9 months and a carpet

In the last few months my work was been shown in several media and I was given great opportunities to progress my own work and this is amazing! I am sure that the coming months will not be less interesting as there are already many things in planning.

A colorful island in south Tel Aviv

Most of the southern neighborhoods of Tel Aviv are seen as poor, less developed, cheap and occasionally dangerous. On the other hand, they show the ability of people, which come from different cultural and educational backgrounds, to live and deal with each other. They also design the look of houses, public spaces and form its special vibe.

Street-art Florentine

Development ...

Intoxicated II 1

City life often is a synonym for living in surrounding of streets and other houses, made of concrete. – Urban gardening forms a counter movement and shows how nature makes its way.

A still life in Ein Gedi 1

From time immemorial, nature manages to surprise humanity by offering life in a surrounding which seems to be a synonym for death. One of these surprises can be found at the Dead Sea. It is called Ein Gedi. Those who tried to find a nice tourist place at the Kibbutz’ beach this year got a big surprise.

Dead Sea - Ein Gedi Beach

Neve Zedek Tower (Tel Aviv, Israel)

Shadows over Florentine 1

Tel Aviv is a young city which has just been found 106 years ago. For being such a youngster, it offers a huge variety of architecture, styles and influences. In 2007 the Neve Tzedek Tower was build. It radiates to be superior – a poor representation of the ability to buy nature to exorbitant prices.

A sleepless night at the dead sea … 1

The Dead Sea is the lowest attainable place on earth. On my first trip there I have been pretty much excited. Never before I had been in the desert and experienced a deep water source I don’t have to swim in. Unfortunately I have been travelling with a tourist group. That’s why my first time was quick, planned and less enjoyable. But I learned and went back with my camera.

Dead Sea - Sunrise above left overs

Modern living in Florentine (Tel Aviv, Israel)

Separation 2

Most of the big cities have a lot in common and function similar, poorer areas for instance. They are defined by their unrenovated buildings, cafes, bars and alternative shops and inhabitants with less income. Most likely one will find young people living there – They design the area. They’re responsible for its vibes and keep it alive. Like in Tel Aviv’s Florentine.

Left over 2

Home is the most intimidate place in modern world. One’s home reflects the personality, taste and history of our life. By designing our own places, we are trying to create a place which fulfils our needs, taste and security – as we lock the door.
We are trying to make it a cozy and comfortable place. When we enter it and close the door after us, we are joining the security area – in which we normally can decide ourselves about rules and changes. Sometimes, we are unable to take over the control, we loose it and have to live with the consequences … However, in those situations we are shocked, helpless and feel like being in a big lake and unable to reach the shore.

Left overs ...


Intoxicated 2

I have never been extremely interested in nature photography but started to get in touch with the topic more and more for some time now. However, I’m more fascinated by the modern attempt to modify, form and control almost everything – including trees, flowers and bushes – in order to implement it to “recent life fashion” and call it nature afterwards. I have never been extremely interested in nature photography but started to get in touch with the topic more and more for some time now. However, I’m more fascinated by the modern attempt to modify, form and control almost everything – including trees, flowers and bushes – in order to implement it to “recent life fashion” and call it nature afterwards. In some way I have to commit not to be different:

Exchangeable 2

Since I have started to go for a photo walk almost every day I have discovered many interesting places. One of them is this building. Two days after I randomly discovered it I decided to return and take pictures of it.

No sooner said than done I found myself back with my camera in my hand, exploring this building and its surrounding. One can already realize the whole building complex that seems to be connected from far away. I walked around and took pictures of almost very angle the complex was offering me.


Fountain in Tel Aviv


Today, I was supposed to meet two participants for Urban Diversity. After I visited the first participant who live more in the northern part of the city I had some spare time before I was supposed to meed the second Tel Avivian. Since the weather was good I took a seat on a bench next to a fountain. Basically I had the plan to rest, but while I resting I realized that the fountain which was situated next to me was empty. It shew signs of ageing, natural influences and geometrical thinking.

Tissu 2

Some time ago I found this spot which is situated in the Florentine neighbourhood (Tel Aviv) and very close to Jaffo. It is a very old building that stands next to a newly renovated one. It is weird to see both of them together. First they don’t share the same architectural style at all – one is modern and the other one old.
And that makes the whole point. The old building is partly covered with nets so nothing might fall on someone’s head. It misses some parts of plastering, has no windows and looks like an old book with ripped out pages.

Net building Tel Aviv

Building Tel Aviv

Squat 2

I found this building in Jaffo (Tel Aviv) some time ago while I was walking with a friend. We were talking about it and how “southern European” its architecture looks, what a pity it is that it is empty and that almost no one will be able to afford the rent of it.

While I was looking for new spots to take pictures of I crossed by this building again and started making pictures of it. I was impressed by its style which is barely being build in Tel Aviv nowadays. The architecture and the fact that the building occurs to be already left for some time now, give it a certain flair of timelessness.