The beauty of imperfection

While we are trying so hard to accomplish sophistication we forget about the beauty of imperfection.


Sometimes the simplest ideas can have the biggest impact on how we perceive our surrounding.

No end in sight

Since last March there is a new theme which made its way into my pleasure of photography - people who steal my work and use it

The concealment

"There is hiding even under the concealment."


Words ...

The storyteller

There is no place without a story to tell - but only sometimes we are privileged enough to catch a glimpse of it.

Walking on Shalame

Shalame Road is loud, hectic and exhausting - but once a week even this street is taking a day off.


I am planning to do a new photography project about happiness, but I will need your help!

Happy new year!!!

I am wishing you all a happy new year and thank you all for your support and a great 2016!


Sometimes, a smile is worth a thousand words!

The last movie

When the Mugrabi Cinema in Tel Aviv was inaugurated in 1930 no one would have expected that its success story would find an ab

Going to prayer

There is an open green oasis in the very south of Tel Aviv surrounding a church which is closed to the broad public.

The beauty of age

As much as we dislike the process of aging with ourselves, we surprisingly adore this process with other things.

Decision Making

Life is full of decisions - those which you make and others which are made for or about you.

Long absent, soon forgotten.

Who doesn't like the "to-go"? It is comfortable and affordable with our all friend and helper - the paper cup.

Visiting the past

When you are a kid you would simply like to do the things which the grown-ups do - until the appearance of the disillusionment

Portfolio Photo – Moshik

Portfolio image for Moshik the 3D Modeler

Reclaim the streets

From a little age we learn to fear the battlefield called "street" - but there is nothing more tempting than tasting the forbi