Exchangeable 2

Since I have started to go for a photo walk almost every day I have discovered many interesting places. One of them is this building. Two days after I randomly discovered it I decided to return and take pictures of it.

No sooner said than done I found myself back with my camera in my hand, exploring this building and its surrounding. One can already realize the whole building complex that seems to be connected from far away. I walked around and took pictures of almost very angle the complex was offering me.


Fountain in Tel Aviv


Today, I was supposed to meet two participants for Urban Diversity. After I visited the first participant who live more in the northern part of the city I had some spare time before I was supposed to meed the second Tel Avivian. Since the weather was good I took a seat on a bench next to a fountain. Basically I had the plan to rest, but while I resting I realized that the fountain which was situated next to me was empty. It shew signs of ageing, natural influences and geometrical thinking.

Tissu 2

Some time ago I found this spot which is situated in the Florentine neighbourhood (Tel Aviv) and very close to Jaffo. It is a very old building that stands next to a newly renovated one. It is weird to see both of them together. First they don’t share the same architectural style at all – one is modern and the other one old.
And that makes the whole point. The old building is partly covered with nets so nothing might fall on someone’s head. It misses some parts of plastering, has no windows and looks like an old book with ripped out pages.

Net building Tel Aviv

Building Tel Aviv

Squat 2

I found this building in Jaffo (Tel Aviv) some time ago while I was walking with a friend. We were talking about it and how “southern European” its architecture looks, what a pity it is that it is empty and that almost no one will be able to afford the rent of it.

While I was looking for new spots to take pictures of I crossed by this building again and started making pictures of it. I was impressed by its style which is barely being build in Tel Aviv nowadays. The architecture and the fact that the building occurs to be already left for some time now, give it a certain flair of timelessness.


I have been often visiting Habima Theatre (Tel Aviv). To be honest I have never been inside and I am actually more interested in the place that is in front and the little park that is next to it. The reason is simple: First of all I am more interested into the conception of public spaces and their impact and second I prefer taking photos of things that may be man made and still tries to be natural. Most places are in a surrounding which cannot be controlled and/or guided by the people who planed the place I am taking the pictures of.


Ruin at Neve Tzedek, Tel-Aviv (2014)


There are some places I go again and again. Sometimes it takes me some time until I get the needed feeling for a place or until I can imagine which perspectives I would like to use while taking my photos. Most likely I will take pictures of the place each time I am visiting it. While having the thought that the results would full-fill my imagination. The result: I will visit the place again and again until I have found what I was looking for.


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Isolation 2

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