A broader view of everything (Blankenburg, Harz)

There's always someone wanting something from you but with the distance, you gain a broader view ...

Wheel of time at the Vatican

It seems as if the wheel of time could not harm the appearance of this beautiful tower ...

Feeling lost at St. Peter’s Basilica

Things appear vulnerable when fearing for their meaning.

The new beginning (Blankenburg, Harz)

The excitement of a new beginning starts circulating but, it may be hard to figure out what you ...

Storytelling Photography from June to December 2021

From last June to December, I finally could travel a bit around and so, I discovered many places!

Photography in Amsterdam form January to June 2021

I recorded so many videos last year that I wanted to share some sceneries of my Amsterdam photography with you!

A standstill in snow​ (Blankenburg Harz)

After the snow had covered everything in its white magnificence, I found a standstill in snow​ at Blankenburg (Harz).

The uniqueness of moments during sunset in Amsterdam

Accepting the uncontrollable's route of the uniqueness of moments gives you the freedom to enjoy them ...

Lifting spirits with Amsterdam houses

Circumstances might be adverse, but you can still enjoy what surely lifts your spirits like these Amsterdam houses.

Overstimulation – (St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican)

It can be challenging to see the whole picture within overstimulation.

Riding a bike in Rome

Despite the unpleasant times, the vivid memories of riding the bike in Rome in the summer sunset still put a smile on my face.

Constructions over your head

Overwhelming constructions may emerge if things pile up for too long. But often it is the lack of distance that causes this si

At the end of the tunnel​ (sunset over Tel Aviv)

If you get up on the wrong leg, don't forget that there will be a light at the end of the tunnel ...

The dark time of the year in Amsterdam

In the dark time of the year, not much seems to be left. But freshly fallen snow is a magical attraction and teases many out o

Scaling back demands (Bauhaus in Tel Aviv)

If its existence depends on everyone else scaling back their demands you can't insist too much on your individuality.

Amsterdam Calendar 2022 by local artist (A4)

If you want to enjoy Amsterdam from a special view of a local artist, check out my brand-new "Amsterdam Calendar 2022"!

Getting to know each other at Zaanse Schans​ windmills

Assessing the unknown makes it very exciting for some. This blind date is at Zaanse Schans​ ...

Building connections in Ijburg​

If you want to build connections, you have to invest. If you are lucky, they become relationships ...

The colours of life (Tulips in Amsterdam)

Sometimes it is hard to see the vivid colours of life, yet they might become visible if you invest in taking a closer look.

Conductor in the playground

If you are ready to indulge the demands of the new, spectacular can result because it allows being the conductor in the playgr

Looking behind the facade ​

Some situations seem crystal clear, but looking behind the facade often pays off.

Reaching goals in Blankenburg

If you aim for reaching goals, you have to make an effort first. Yet, once you have arrived ...

Ayalon Rushhour

When everyone desires the identical thing, demand quickly exceeds supply ...

Breaking boundaries at the Givatayim Observatory

We are living with social norms but at times breaking the boundaries will be ...

The short living surprise​ of Erica

Some things make their way as a surprise and so did Erica in this forest. Its beautiful color play ...

Sunset over Tel Aviv’s spectacle​

A city is loud, fast, colorful, flashy, and intense - as so many things happen simultaneously ...

New post card set – Amsterdam and the Netherlands​

I am happy to share with you the postcard set "Amsterdam & the Netherlands" that includes 6 special motives to share with your

A summer day in Amsterdam

While walking down the city's streets on a splendid summer day in Amsterdam the well-balanced atmosphere feels fantastic.

Castles in the air (brutalist architecture Tel Aviv)

It is tempting to dream about castles in the air but it might be way more rewarding to pass the rocky way and realize them.

Excessive demands at the Capitol in Rome

Sometimes everything piles up on top of each other. Excessive demands make life pretty difficult ...

The unknown sunset over the Mediterranean sea

When the unknown finds its way into life, it often causes bright sparkles to flash their light. Yet not everything that glitte

Getting lost at the Great synagogue in Rome

We only do many things for the sake of doing but if you ever found yourself ...

Routines (architecture in Rome)

Breaking out of the daily grind can suddenly show you how vivid all of the other things really are.

Smooth transition (Amsterdam Oost)

When setting different goals, you enter the road of transition. By doing so, you will come to the point ...

The course of time at Roman Forum (Rome)

Time is an elementary tool of life and sometimes it changes the perspective you have on events.

Standing firm (Colosseum in Rome)

No matter how firm you stand, there is always a chance that something might blow you away...

Comfort space (Houseboats in Amsterdam)

Personal comfort space is always hard-fought and yet essential. Hence, one should not neglect but mind it.

The difficulties (Westerpark in Amsterdam)

For a while now, things got mixed up which causes crucial parts to be on hold. Yet, there is land in sight ...

The big picture (Streetart at NDSM-Werf)

In the rush of everyday life, it is the big picture that guides the way. But at times a good eye for detail can change it for

Worlds far away (Ijmeer)

Worlds far away often seem attractive when things become serious, yet the limited focus and a lack ...

Common goals (Garage in Germany)

In their nuances and subtleties, all somehow vary from one another. But when longing for common goals, things can change ...

The play of life’s colors (sunset over Amsterdam)

With different looks, perceptions, and charisma, we all rump around in this playground called earth ...

The center of attention (Pontsteiger Amsterdam)

Some cannot live without being the center of attention. But the real problem is how much they get and not how much they demand

Breathing space of norms (NDSM Werf)

Expectations and norms shape everyday life, and though they are essential for coexistence, they are sometimes also in need of

Talking observers (NDSM Werf)

Humans love to talk whenever, wherever, and with whom they can. Yet, at times silence is gold and you may better make ...

The significance of banality

In everyday life, things often pass by unnoticed. Yet sometimes, the banality can suddenly draw a lot of attention.

The turning point

Finding your place is a tough task in life. However, waiting for the turning point might not provide a good ...

Walking to vastness

The path of life becomes very narrow at times. Yet, focussing on the path's vastness can help to overcome its obstacles.

A little contrast

No matter how much you try to obtain variety and diversity in life. Yet, adding a little more contrast may create a whole new

Magic moments

The surprising glare of the warm sun shows its magic on this Sunday evening, but magic moments never last forever ...

Being disconnected

Though humans are no hermits, spending time with oneself is important. Therefore it is crucial to be disconnected once in a wh

Carefree land

As the last obligation of this day has been fulfilled, the hour is finally striking. Finally, I go travel to "carefree land" .

The crowd

There is a constant urge to stand out from the crowd. However, it is often forgotten that real love does not depend on appeara

The speed of today’s life

It is hard to cope with the speed of today's life. Yet quality time is crucial ...

A little more patience

Change is within reach but it is still unattainable. The consequence is frustration but things could be easier with a little m

Wishful thinking

It has been a long time since we saw each other. Though this break was unplanned, the wishful thinking of reunion will soon be

Out of reach

Untouched aims often appear overwhelming and out of reach. Yet, the possibility of realization ...

A green island of happiness

Social norms deeply influence individual behavior but it's never too late for designing a green island that offers fulfillment

Living in individual bubbles

Holing up in individual bubbles is tempting but by hearing the other side ...

Aiming for goals

When aiming for goals, the distance one has to overcome looks pretty big, and though patience is a high virtue ...

On the side

We constantly meet strangers on the side when we leave the safety of home. Yet, humans are often pretty busy with themselves .

The meaning of blossoms

When good thoughts arise, they have the potential to blossom and bring tasty fruits of difficult labor if you only dare ...


There are these little and beautiful encounters in life that sparkle with their charm that are not for eternity ...

A way to go

The same demands are frequently made on different people. But it might just take a little longer to finish your way ...

Unexpected encounters

Strong memories of unexpected encounters will pay with a high reward. As they sweeten life they can even brighten up a dark da

Team players

Although it sometimes seems the opposite in the modern world, the lone fighter seldom has a chance of survival. The team playe

A place to stay

Finding a new home often turns out to be a challenging endeavor. After finding a new place to stay, the real work begins ...

Amidst greenery

Currently, there is not too much room to experience and therefore many find themselves amidst greenery ...


When having ideas, it is tempting to plunge into an adventure quickly. Yet persistence might bring success rather than pace ..

A day in autumn

Today is a special day because we can spend it together ...

Letting go

There aren't that many important people in life we really care for. Yet, at times, one only has the option of letting go ...

Tunnel vision

Some stories cause thoughts to follow a tunnel vision but this is not always helpful ...

Making an effort

Acts with personal importance attract the inner critic. Yet the effort to reach unrealistic goals often is for nothing ...

Daily grind

In the daily grind, processes and structures frequently look alike, yet it might be worth sometimes leave the comfort zone ...


As the warmth hits the skin the eyes process the moment's beauty - sparkles of what lies ahead shortly ...

A venture

Sometimes you have to set out on a path even under adverse conditions and such a venture often becomes an adventure ...


At times, keeping cool is hard. Yet, memorable moments of joy are always crossing ways ...


A retreat provides the opportunity to withdraw from the outside world - a place to calm down ...

A trip to memories

Various thoughts are constantly in our heads. Yet, some of them invite to a trip to memories ...


These days it is easy to bust one's head in the sand. Yet working on patience and resilience might have a brighter outcome.


Taking a time off from unpleasant thoughts is a difficult task but short breaks allow ...

Loosing shelter

Finding a shelter to stay in serves elementary needs, but nowadays, one is often obliged to try one's luck elsewhere

Trapped inside

The monotony of these days causes the feeling of being trapped. Yet, there will be brighter times to come and if ...


Recently, many aspects of life got mixed up. In this mess, the proportions of relevance reinvent themselves with surprises ...


New tasks keep popping up in everyday life. But sometimes their pace is so fast that it is difficult to keep up ...


In life, strangers cross our ways, and if we are lucky, they become friends. But sometimes, things change ...

The solitude of one’s home

These days, many got used to the solitude of one's home. However, it is possible to brighten up this monotone standstill

The giver

Taking is an easy thing but in the circle of life, everybody becomes a giver at one point...

As time goes by

Time can take on unimagined proportions when waiting. But being patient is a difficult challenge...

Finding a home

Finding a home is an elementary part of life. Yet, it is one of the hardest things to achieve ...

Limited options

At times, where are forced to make decisions, and this often implies limited options

The attempt of planning

This year is different for everybody. While plans changed, reality shifted, and almost nothing is the same now ...


When thoughts turn into ideas, it is a difficult path to implement them. Yet if one achieves this goal, one will be richly rew

The brighter side

These days, it can be a challenge to stay committed to yourself as the others frequently seem to live on the brighter side ...

Coming home

I take the last steps full of excitement because I am so close to my goal of finally coming home ...

The dreamer

When a dreamer starts to see paradise with opened eyes, dreams transform into reality ...

A matter of time

Many expectations crossing our way and often one wants to do what is expected. But at times, this concept does not have a succ


After some time, it becomes clear, what we should really think about those who enter our lives but

Being tall yet feeling small

Now and then the inner critical voice makes itself being heard. It presents the bigger, better, and sort of more that makes on

Like a hot summer day

When the sun burns down on the earth, it forces everything else to adapt.