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Throwing shadows (Amsterdam’s architecture)

Amsterdams architecture throwing shadows- Amsterdam Architecture - Stefanie Pietschmann - - stairs - doors

Throwing shadows

Colors shine the brightest when illuminated by the beauty of light. As they loll in the rays, they intensify, become vibrant, and more radiant. They are highly appreciated since things often look pale and bland without these highlights.

However, if there is light, it also throws shadows. Often this draws attention to something else. As it distracts, one frequently loses sight of the former magnificence. However, the one cannot exist without the other, and the only thing left is choosing what to focus on.

Amsterdam’s architecture

I took this photo in early March 2022. You can see classical Dutch houses in the capital Amsterdam. You can see this typical architecture, especially in the inner city center which is also where I took this photo. It was one of the first spring days with the sun being out and throwing interesting shadows on everything




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