As time goes by

If waiting, time can take on unimagined proportions. When minutes become hours, also days often turn into weeks or even months. Slowly, thoughts start to spin in circles around the longing, making it challenging to keep cool.

The unreachable becomes attractive because it appears to be so far away. With the goal in mind, the urge to unite with the impossible starts growing immeasurably.

Though patiently waiting might feel like torture, this investment manifests appreciation. And at some point, this will ultimately pay off. When the time has come to reunite, all strenuous efforts will soon be forgotten.

It is the present moment that counts while bathing in overwhelming feelings. Since the mind is so busy, it is hard to notice that time suddenly passes faster. Though the happy reunion’s joy is still present, it is slowly coming to an end.

Over time, this experience becomes warm memories that slowly fade away until I find myself back where I started.



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