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Coexistence in the urban jungle (Check point building, Tel Aviv)

Check point building - Coexistence in the urban jungle (Tel Aviv) - Stefanie PIetschmann - Tel Aviv Urban garding - Modern Architecture - green houses

Coexistence in the urban jungle

When contrasts meet, different worlds often collide. Although this sparking can be exciting at first, it usually does not take long until multiple friction points become visible. This is not a problem in itself, but things turn complicated when everyone insists on their point of view.

Seeing the own beliefs as a last resort limits the scope for mutual exchange because the other views do not seem to be considerable. Yet if the attempt for coexistence should not reach a final deadlock, it’s up to everybody to take a step back and at least listen to what the other side has to say.

The urban jungle in Tel Aviv

I took this photo in March 2022. You can see modern urban architecture in the east of Tel Aviv. This part of the city got a complete makeover during the last couple of years and now offers modern high-rise buildings. The impressive Check Point building combines urban gardening and modernism. Due to missing natural spaces, pollution, and global warming, it’s a genius addition to help provide cleaner air in urban areas.



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