Urban Diversity

“Urban Diversity”

was the exhibition to the same called project. The exhibition and the project were supported by and shown at Maze9 (Tel Aviv) from November 6th until November the 13th 2014. It was opened with a vernissage on November 6th, 2014.


Urban DiversityThe exhibition shew the results of the photo project which arose out of an idea in April 2014. Back then I was sitting in a coffee place in Tel Aviv and as

I was day dreaming and stated to look at my surroundings I started to ask myself who and what is behind all of these walls? Since that day I couldn’t stop thinking about it and so the idea for “Urban Diversity” arose.

Who lives where, why and how? “Urban Diversity” aims to offer a subjective insight to the city’s buildings and its inhabitants the way, they don’t necessarily see themselves.

I started to find participants during June 2014. Luckily I got supported by Maze9 (Tel Aviv). Also Time Out Israel and Radio TLV1 reported about my project. I started taking pictures in August 2014 and finally met 18 Tel-Avivians who wanted to participate (they choose me not I them). I finish taking pictures for the project in October 2014.

Urban Diversity

Portraits of participants

Since, the project arose out of my idea, I also planned and implemented the exhibition.Therefore I was running a crowdfunding because I didn’t get any financial support at all. Even though the crowdfunding didn’t aim its goal, I wanted to reach mine. The consequence was that I didn’t do anything else than working in October in order to finance my exhibition. At the end it was more than worth it!

However, since I was also offered to show my work at Maze9 I started to organize the exhibition in late October.

Exhibition Concept

Urban Diversity

Photos of flats and buildings.

I choose 5 to 6 photos (number varies in shared flats with several flat mates) of each participant’s flat. They were split in a portrait of the participant and photos of the flat and the building. Also the participants were shown their pictures before being published and asked to fill out a short questionnaire with a few questions.

I wanted the visitors to get a first impression of each participant which is the reason why the first thing one saw after entering the room was a huge wall with all of the portraits and questionnaires. Afterwards the visitors were able to take a look at all the flats and houses and were asked to find the right participant’s flat and house. Afterwards the visitors could enter a separate room to find out if they were right.

I didn’t want the exhibition to be overloaded because I knew I would have a lot of photos anyways. So I tried to keep the whole look clear and structured and to provide a nice and comfortable atmosphere.

Urban Diversity

Who is living where? Solutions.

Finally I planned a vernissage at the 6th of November which was visited by many people.

And now?

It was a great experience to have an idea and manage to implement it and being able to plan an exhibition. Both things aren’t granted and one doesn’t get them for free. Despite all of the hard work, energy and money I invested, I enjoyed every second. I am very happy to have gained my aim and learned so much about photography, exhibitions, cooperations, the city and myself.

Since I think that there is still some more diversity out in Tel Aviv I finally decided to continue with the project. In December 2014 I have also started it in Jerusalem and am now looking forward to keep on going.

Might you be interested to participate or to get to know more, you are warmly invited to visit the Urban Diversity website or contact me.