Each of us perceives their individual reality. In addition, we have the option to adjust and change many aspects ourselves. Hence, we can decide what we do with it. We can question our viewpoint.

We also have the possibility to decide that we would like to leave behind where we are right now. There is always a way of changing what we dislike right now. However, sometimes, this is easier said than done. At times, it is a mirage that little steps could bring the big change.
Even though we possess the ability to change our own reality, this does not mean that we can change all aspects of it. There are many points that frequently make their effort to upset our plans. Therefore, it is not always possible to escape from where we are and what we do. However, we can change how we perceive the moment we are in right now.
It is a mirage that thoughts about what was and what will be can change what is important right now. And even though, we might find ourselves in a worse reality that we cannot change for good right now, we still have the ability to change how we see it.
In these situations, it might be the little escapes – overcoming the mirage – in which we allow ourselves to bear with the stories hiding behind our happy faces.




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