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The new beginning (Blankenburg, Harz)

Stefanie Pietschmann - Bench - Harz mountains - snow winter - Germany - Blankenburg - new beginning

The new beginning

Once the old year has reached its expiry date, the excitement of a new beginning starts circulating. Usually, it does not take too long until a fresh blank page finds its way into your direct field of view. So, it’s just waiting to get slowly filled with unique content that, in the end, will merge into one big picture.

What a strange period! As thoughts are still busy with what the last hundred days were like, insecurity about this year’s plot makes it hard to have clear ideas. Though there are always things that lie beyond personal influence, you are always in control of taking a quick timeout to figure out what you are really want to do.


I took this photo in December 2021, in my hometown Blankenburg (Harz), Germany. Due to the cold temperatures (-15°C), everything was frozen. In this photo, you can see the view from the mountains surrounding Blankenburg Castle

I have visited the same place in autumn 2021 and published it as “Reaching goals“. 



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