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Peace of mind

Peace of mind

For some time now, we are living in a tense atmosphere. As a consequence, our range of motion is pretty much minimalistic. Also, the continuous attempt to avoid facing others from our species does not ease up the situation. And as tensions tend to not go away on their own, there is a significant need for balance.

Life offers endless possibilities to find peace of mind. And while their location is a choice based on individual preferences, they all require an environment that allows us to let go.

This is balconia – my personal utopia. A place that provides security in insecure times, a bubble in which I drift off, a place to lose myself. Here, life’s pace follows a different rhythm. It allows the viewer to attentively witness the quick progress spring has recently brought to nature.

In the afternoon, the sun regularly plays with the bright green leaves that began to cover the trees. As some rays make it through, an artwork of casted shadows hits my skin. The warmth of light heats my body and causes the dark days of winter to fade out of my memory slowly.

And then, there comes the golden hour – the highlight of each day. Throughout time, the coloration of my microcosmos becomes magnificent. Slowly but steadily, the wind starts blowing. The rustling leaves form a soothing symphony of background sound that reminds me of how it feels to listen to crashing waves of the ocean.

The signal for my daily ritual starts: I close my eyes and am getting ready for the glory of this climax. Deep breaths let me sink into the joy of this experience. As time stands still, I finally sense balance. And though this situation is not everlasting, it is long enough to provide me with peace of mind.



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