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A summer day at Amsterdam’s Prinsengracht

Amsterdam Prinsengracht - Stefanie Pietschmann - Amsterdam Canal in Summer.-houseboat ion Prinsengracht

A summer day in Amsterdam

On this relaxed summer day, the bright sun is dazzling as its rays gently slide through the leaves of the trees, rustling softly in the background. Summer has finally arrived, and now that the days are at their longest, life seems to be carefree.

This panoramic setting makes me feel almost weightless. As it grabs my attention, it pushes everything else into the background. In summer, the hardships of winter quickly fall into oblivion. And that’s precisely why this summer day is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the moment and not worry about the difficulties yet to come.

Amsterdam’s Prinsengracht

I took this photo in early June 2022. You can see the iconic Dutch bikes on a bridge of Prinsengracht in Amsterdam. This canal is in the city centre and next to it, you can find the iconic Dutch houses that the city is famous for. Besides, it is the fourth canal of the city centre and with its 3.2 kilometers, it is the longest main canal in the Amsterdam canal belt. Also, you can find the following famous buildings along this canal: the Noorderkerk (Northern Church), the Noordermarkt (Northern Market), the Anne Frank House and the Westerkerk (Western Church, Amsterdam’s tallest church).

The construction of the Prinsengracht began in 1612, like the other two main canals Herengracht and Keizersgracht. The canal got the name “Prinsengracht” in honor of the Prince of Orange.



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