Building connections in Ijburg​

If you want to build connections, you have to invest. If you are lucky, they become relationships ...

The unknown sunset over the Mediterranean sea

When the unknown finds its way into life, it often causes bright sparkles to flash their light. Yet not everything that glitte

Comfort space (Houseboats in Amsterdam)

Personal comfort space is always hard-fought and yet essential. Hence, one should not neglect but mind it.

The difficulties (Westerpark in Amsterdam)

For a while now, things got mixed up which causes crucial parts to be on hold. Yet, there is land in sight ...

Worlds far away (Ijmeer)

Worlds far away often seem attractive when things become serious, yet the limited focus and a lack ...

Walking to vastness

The path of life becomes very narrow at times. Yet, focussing on the path's vastness can help to overcome its obstacles.

A green island of happiness

Social norms deeply influence individual behavior but it's never too late for designing a green island that offers fulfillment


Pride goes before the fall, during a lifetime, some of us are falling very deep and end up in the wasteland. A difficult place


In modern times, humans often suffer from overload. Taking some time off might help us get on track again.


The marvel of life persists of the fact that eventually there is a chance of making wasteland seminal again.

Point of view

When you think you get lost in the vortex of life, you may overview the whole situation from a different perspective ...


Today, I was supposed to meet two participants for Urban Diversity. After I visited the first participant who live m


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