streetart ndsm werf - graffiti art - street art - Amsterdam - Netherlands - Stefanie Pietschmann - bikes

The big picture

In the rush of everyday life, it is the big picture that guides the way. While moving from one thing to the other, the sense of detail slowly falls into oblivion.

It is difficult not to give in to the pressure of time, other people, and own expectations. However, it is due to individual accountability to oppose this. By creating personal space, devoting to what was not taken into account is possible.

And suddenly, all these little surprises are popping up around every corner. Sometimes it is precisely these little things that, in the end, change the big picture for the better.

I took this photo in Summer 2021 at the NDSM-Werf in Amsterdam Noord. This place once was a shipyard, but today, you can find a lot of street art, ateliers, coffee places, and flea markets.



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