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The unvarnished truth (Dutch polder)

the unvarnished truth (Dutch polder) Stefanie Pietschmann - Polder Durgerdam - Amsterdam - Netherlands - Nature photography -

The unvarnished truth (at the Dutch polder)

Although that does not sound too romantic, we invest in relationships because we always expect something back. Indeed, that can be things like love, security, or company. However, it often goes hand in hand with the assumption that these connections will last in the good and the bad times.

Usually, it is relatively easy to find companions for the bright moments because who wants to miss out on a good time? Yet, when things evolve more complex, the unvarnished truth shows who stands by your side in the bad times. The ones that do not leave are essential, and there are often many surprises.

However, don’t be fooled! Some of those who stay only do so for selfish reasons. They remain loyal since they don’t want to be alone themselves. Your ego might appreciate them talking after you, yet hearing that you are right constantly doesn’t make it automatically become the truth! In the end, you might be better off hearing the unvarnished truth from the ones that really care about you!

The Dutch countryside

When hearing the word “The Netherlands,” most people might think of cheese, cows, and a green landscape with a lot of water. This photo shows you the Polder Ijdoorn, just north of Amsterdam. You can easily reach this place the Dutch way by using a bike. Especially in summer, this is a very beautiful ride. 

Polders are lowland areas surrounded by dikes. Traditionally one can find Polders at the coast, where the dyked land is to be protected from flooding. Since parts of the Netherlands are under sea level, protection against floods is a big thing in Western European countries.

Besides protecting, polders also offer a great habitat for many different animals. For example, if you are into bird watching, this is a great spot. There are also a lot of beautiful nature areas close to this older with little and cozy small cafés.



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